5/6/15 粵語聯合禱告會 Combine Prayer Meeting


We will have our monthly Cantonese prayer meeting Next Wednesday, 5/6/15, 8:00 pm at Morrison hall.  Please join us in this spiritual battle.

5/3/15 退休分享會

粵語主日學的忠心良善好管家課程將於這個星期天上午9:30 - 10:45在馬禮遜廳有退休分享會。四位弟兄姐妹將分享他們的退休旅程。如果你在這學期沒有參加其他主日學課程,歡迎你參加這個特別分享會。

The Stewardship Class of Cantonese Sunday School proudly presents - Journey to Retirement sharing session.  This Sunday, 5/3, 9:30 - 10:45am in Morrison Worship Hall.  Four brothers and sisters will share about their retirement journey. If you have not attend any other Sunday school classes this quarter, we welcome you to join us for this special event.

The following topics and question will be address:  (Additional Q and A during the session)

1)    為您的退休之旅準備 Preparation for your retirement journey
      a) What trigger you the idea of retire from work?
      b) How to prepare mentally and financially for retirement?
      c) How do you overcome difficulties in making retirement decision?
      d) Plan vs reality, what shock you the most in the first month of retirement?
      e) If you have one advice for brothers and sisters before their retirement, what is it?

2)    退休之旅 During Retirement
      a) How to get along with your spouse?
      b) How to make use of the “free” time?
      c) How to be more effective serving God in retirement time?

5/3/15 中西部短宣籌款午餐

Please support the Mid-West Short Term Mission Trip fundraising lunch this Sunday (5/3/15). Pastor Stanley, Peter Wong, Andrew Pua, and Ka-Leung Lee will participate in this STM trip together with Minister Simon and brothers and sisters from the Mandarin congregation.


四月貝里斯短宣 April Belize STM Trip Day 2

April 15, 2015


接着LeoRaymond參觀了林超市,玫瑰餐廳的Cindy現時在那裏工作。短宣隊隨後Tai San餐廳的梁太太,在那裹吃午餐。短宣隊她有很好的分享,並鼓勵她繼續有信心跟隨神。


在晚上,按計劃Raymond準備食物,Leo作廚黎先生和Mike吃晚。他們有鰻魚和海參等精彩菜餚。他們有很好的分享時間,黎先生Leo Raymond分享了讓他煩惱的問題:公和祖先。


1. 再次在林太太店裡幫忙
2. 馮先生和61 Bullet Tree Village
3. 為何太太的機器問題翻譯
4. 在短宣隊的旅館晚上與Mike分享

Our April Belize STM team had a busy day today.  Leo and Raymond followed up with Mrs. Ho in the morning after visiting Desmond's small apartment. Praise God that she was able to sit down with the team and went through the belief confirmation.  The team encouraged her to start daily devotion and  
prayer. The visitation concluded in praise, thanksgiving, confession, and prayers for each other.

Leo and Raymond visited Lin's Superstore next, where Cindy of Rose restaurant now works. The team then visited Mrs. Leung of Tai San Restaurant for lunch. The team had good sharing with her and encouraged her to continue to keep her faith.

The team next visited the Yummy restaurant of Mr. Eng, Alex restaurant of Mr. Tam, and Mrs. Lam, the widow. Mrs. Lam was very open and receptive, but Leo and Raymond can tell that she is having difficulties in handling the store by her own.
At dinner, as planned Raymond prepared food and Leo acted as the chef for Mr. Lai and Mike. They had wonderful dishes of eel and sea cucumber and yummies. It was a wonderful fellowship time, and Mr. Lai shared his linger question of a Chinese ancient god (關公) and ancestors (祖先).  
Overall our team is very impressed with the warm reception they have received from all of the visits today. The hard work of Desmond over the year has really paid off. We are thankful yet humble for God has indeed worked in the Chinese here.  Praise God that most of the people the team visited today have agreed to come to the Sunday's fellowship.  

Prayer requests:
1. Help out again in Mrs. Lam shop
2. Visit Mr. Fung and 61 Bullet Tree Village
3. Translation for the machine problem of Mrs. Ho
4. Night gathering with Mike in our guesthouse.


四月貝里斯短宣 April Belize STM Trip Day 1

April 14, 2015

讚美主,Leo 和 Raymond 已經平安抵達貝里斯。感謝馮志弟開車前往機場。

Desmond 與貝里斯購物把短宣隊從機場接離開。Leo 和 Raymond 途中認識何太感謝的恩典,接受耶穌為救主,立即跟著 Raymond 在車上作了決志禱告。Leo 和 Raymond 將於明天開始跟進。

短宣隊接着還探訪了黎先生和 Mike。短宣隊了湯,之後計劃跟進探訪,並再次與黎先生和 Mike 晚餐。由於黎先生有一些健康問題,我們的團隊幫忙做飯:Raymond 準備食物Leo 作廚師晚餐黎先生和 Mike作分享。


Praise the Lord that both Leo and Raymond have arrived Belize safe and sound.  Thanks to Feng zhi providing the ride to the airport in the morning rush hour traffic. 

Desmond over in Belize picked them up along with Mrs. Ho, a seeker, who was shopping in Belize city. Leo and Raymond got to know Mrs. Ho during the ride to San Ignacio. By God's grace, she accepted Jesus as her Savior, and followed Raymond in the believer's prayer immediately in the car. Leo and Raymond will start tomorrow for follow up confirmation with her.

The team also visited Mr. Lai and Mike.  The team were served with some soup, and had setup follow-up visit to cook and have dinner with Mr. Lai and Mike again. Because Mr. Lai has some health issues, our team has volunteered to help with the cooking. Leo will be the chef and Raymond will do food preparation, with follow-up discussion over dinner. 

Please continue to pray for visits to Mrs. Lam, Mrs. Ho and Mr. Lai for discipleship and follow-up visits.

長青團契特别聚會 (使徒保羅, 約翰腳蹤之旅)

日期:   Sunday, 4/19/2015
時間:   12:45PM - 3:00PM
地點:   Portable building
講員:   Nelson, Joseph and Alison

土耳其和希臘舊城市考古遺址相關歷史文化的故事電影(1小時20分鐘)使徒保羅和約翰在使徒行傳保羅書信啟示錄提及的相關背境如果您想參加長青團契吃午飯請聯繫Roland <pang.roland@gmail.com>

An overview videos (1h 20 min) about the old cities/archeology ruins/related history/cultural stories in Turkey and Greece that the Apostle Paul and John visited and wrote about in the book of Acts and the Epistles including Revelation. Please contact Roland if you would like to join Evergreen for lunch.